30 Sep 2023

Food was over an hour late, was told it was out for delivery then called back 30 mins later to be told it was a mistake and it wasn’t out for delivery


13 Aug 2023

Cold, hour late and instructions added weren’t followed


14 Apr 2023

Great food as usual, unfortunately I didn't get my two drinks which was meant to be part of the deal 5 section "12 inch pizza with two portions of chips and two cans of juice" for £14. This happened last time with no phone call of an apology and I'm not very happy with it. Also, I get it's a Friday evening but after 40 minutes after the food was due, we had to phone up where the food was. It did arrive ten minutes later fortunately.


24 Mar 2023


07 Jan 2023

Another tasty meal I had. Unfortunately I didn't get the salad or garlic mayonnaise included in my meal deal 5 but the pizza was top tier and fish supper was great.


02 Nov 2022

Great meal and it arrived 10 minutes earlier than expected. The only reason I gave it four stars is that I ordered a stuffed crust chicken kiev pizza with an additional topping being spicy beef, but I didn't receive that extra topping for some reason.


03 Sep 2022

Chicken kiev pizza with a stuffed crust is unreal,so tasty and the jalapeño bites are class


10 Mar 2022

The delivery driver tried to charge me again for my order when I had already paid for it by my debit card and you should tell your driver's who has paid for by card before the orders leave the takeaway so a warning to everyone who orders from this place please keep a eye on the drivers as they will try to charge you again for your orders or go elsewhere for your food


09 Mar 2022


07 Mar 2022

Delivery could be a bit quicker but food is good


07 Mar 2022

Delivered within 30 mins of placing order, so came nice and and tasty. Full marks all round.


05 Mar 2022

Top class


03 Mar 2022

Was really good ready on arrival which previous owner that never happened sometimes you had to wait another 20 minutes and the guys were friendly which was a nice change too



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